The difference between a condo and a home

There’s a difference between the words “condo” and “home”. A Boston condo is a well-organized concrete, brick, wood and/or stones that we use in order to experience the intangible idea of home. A home is a storied place, a place where we craft our identity in the present tense and ultimately root our experiences in to the narrative of our lives. It’s a place where we’re safe and can be ourselves. It’s a place where we tinker endlessly; where time doesn’t exist. Or maybe I’m being too grandiose and it’s really just a place where we binge on Netflix or the Boston sports teams like the Patriots, only to pass out with half-eaten string cheese sticks on our bellies. You’re free to choose your own interpretation.

Boston condo real estate agent

One of my favorite things about being a REALTOR is the role I play in helping Bostonian’s—whether lifelong, recently transplanted, or soon-to-be—discover their ideal sense of home. Besides all that descriptive verbiage I mentioned above, it’s also a launchpad for your revamped lifestyle. A new Beacon Hill home is a chance to start afresh, a chance to assume a new identity and take risks not previously possible. Out with the old, in with the new…a new neighborhood, new parks, new friends, new restaurants and pubs, and new energy.

The number of new chapters that Ford Realty has helped kick off is substantial. We successfully assisted in numerous buyers and renters in 2018 and hopefully more in 2019  —mostly apartment leases, but a good amount of first-time homebuyers, too. It means the world to us to play a pivotal role in the new beginnings for our clients, whether it’s a move across the street or across the globe.

So, you can say we know what it’s like to be in the co-pilot seat and effectively view the search through your eyes as your trusted confidant. But recently, after closing on a home in Boston Midtown area, the whole process has me re-discovering the rejuvinating power of moving that our clients are experiencing everyday, and it has been a special process of reflection.

A new fresh start

Moving is the best way to distance yourself from anything detrimental in your life! Toxic relationships, grueling commutes, constant temptations, lack of stimulation.  And the opportunity to purge yourself of all the junk you’ve been hoarding is reason enough.

Moving is also a golden opportunity to make your life more convenient by cutting down on unnecessarily long commutes or putting you closer to your friends in your new Boston Beacon Hill condo. A new space lends itself to the pursuit of new hobbies. Such as watching Patriots game on your hi-tech TV in your Boston high rise condo  


In conclusion, the best way to add a spark to your life is by experience of rejuvenating power of moving to a new home. Whether it’s cross town or cross country, the team of savvy, energetic agents at Ford Realty are always happy to lend a helping hand. And the best part of it all is that our downtown Boston condo locations and first-time homebuyer guidance services are free for you.

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