Boston condos for sale selecting an attorney

I’m currently involved in a Boston Beacon Hill condo transaction where the buyer had to change their attorney during the attorney review period. Basically they were using an attorney from out of the area who really didn’t know the process of handling a Beacon Hill real estate transaction. The Beacon Hill residents changed lawyers to a local downtown Boston real estate attorney to expedite the process. Below are a few points from my experience of helping Boston condos for sale with buyers and sellers that may be useful to you in selecting an attorney.

Are you required to use an Attorney in a Boston Real Estate Transaction?

The simple answer is, No. Should you use one? Absolutely. You are buying a Boston condo for sale and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is worth the cost to have legal protection, especially if the other party has a lawyer representing them. I recently spoke with a Boston real estate attorney who said that if a buyer chooses to represent themselves, they forgo the “attorney review period” in the contract and accept the contract “as is.”  After they realized the liabilities by not using one, they quickly found representation.

Tips when selecting an attorney for your Boston condo for sale transaction

You may want to….

  • Use an attorney who mainly practices Boston downtown real estate law and knows the process. I have seen buyers and sellers use lawyers who are personal injury attorneys to criminal attorneys.  Many times these lawyers are in court and hard to get on the phone to handle your transaction.
  • Use an attorney from MA or from the local Boston downtown real estate market. Many times the other party in the transaction will use a local real estate attorney. This can make the communication between the lawyers go much faster and smoother. Also, they may have already worked with each other in the past.
  • Use an attorney who communicates well over email. This can greatly expedite the closing process.
  • Ask for a recommendation. Many times friends or neighbors may have used someone they have a great experience with.
  •  If you need any recommendations, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to email you some great lawyers I have personally dealt with in the Beacon Hill area.