Boston condos for sale: Should I use a professional photographer?

In a word, yes. Unless you are selling a fixer in as-is condition, professional photographs will make all the difference in marketing your Boston condo for sale. The number one thing that makes downtown Boston real estate sell these days is internet exposure and I strongly believe the number two thing is the pictures those buyers see online.

Amazingly, many downtown Boston real estate agents take terrible, and I mean terrible photos of their own listings. Personally as a licensed Realtor for downtown Boston real estate, I have taken a few classes on professional photography and bought for myself a top of the line Canon SLR with the appropriate lenses. And still, I recommend calling in the professionals – more often than not. The professional photographers in downtown Boston I have at my disposal take stunning photos and bring your home to life in ways that I cannot. They are the best in their field and that is how they feed their families.

As a rule of thumb, I believe my photos are adequate for homes under $250,000 or for a property that simply, “looks like every other home in the neighborhood.” Once you start talking about refinished hardwoods, wainscoting, gourmet kitchens, or the like I start suggesting professional photography.

Boston condos for sale Conclusion

After I help prepare your Boston condo for sale and pay for the most internet exposure I believe you can obtain in downtown Boston, the next most important thing to get a Beacon Hill home buyer excited about your property is those amazing professional photos.

How expensive is professional photography? Never fear, mention this article and I’ll pay for it as part of my unbeatable listing package. It is my goal to provide the best real estate marketing in Boston, full service, and reduced commission – all at the same time! Interested? Give me a call today

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