Boston condos for sale: The sharing economy

The hottest trend of 2019 is sharing. We’re not talking social media or group therapy – we’re referring to the trend of allowing friends and strangers to borrow what you have in return for money or just the opportunity to borrow from them in the future.From cars to homes to kitchenware, people are coming up with ways to use these resources more efficiently through sharing. In what’s being called the “sharing economy”, websites make it easier for anyone to see what others have and to post requests for what they need.

In Boston, the sharing opportunities are myriad. For starters, grassroots organizations have created ways for Boston downtown neighbors to share things like tools and equipment. Boston entrepreneurs have extended the sharing economy to for-profit enterprises, including a car sharing company that that was a predecessor to Zipcar. Bike share is common in Beacon Hill and now gone national. Dozens of other downtown Boston groups have capitalized on the concept of facilitating the exchange of goods that everybody needs but not everyone wants to own.

If you live in Boston already, you probably at least know of a resource-sharing service in your neighborhood – you might even use one! In fact, if you work with a Boston real estate agent, you definitely do. Boston Midtown Real estate agents are the embodiment of the sharing economy. How, you ask? Here are three ways.

1. Boston real estate agents share information.

If you’ve looked at my website, you know that it’s chock-full of information on commissions and marketing strategies, tools to help you find the right neighborhood, and up-to-date reports on the state of the Boston real estate market. You can think of this real estate blog like a free library on buying or selling a home in the Boston area. Real estate agents – unlike doctors, lawyers or other professionals – are not only legally empowered to share what we know, it’s in our job description to help buyers and sellers understand what they’re getting into. We know we’ll win your business by being open and honest, so it just makes sense.

2. Boston real estate agents share resources.

Imagine how difficult it would be to buy or sell a home if you had to pay your real estate agent by the hour. By working strictly on a commission basis, we can give every sale the attention it deserves, whether we’re working on behalf of the buyer or the seller. Just like when you borrow a tool from a Boston tool library, both parties share the costs of our services, which is already calculated into the cost of the home. I am proud to offer a reasonable commission rate between 2 and 4.5%

3. Boston real estate agents share connections.

When you use Zipcar, you find a car near you using your computer or smartphone. You can then reserve it, drive it, park it and walk away when you’re done. Real estate agents work a bit like this service, too – when you need to buy or sell a home, we connect you with a trusted mortgage lender, escrow agency, home inspector, and, most importantly, the right buyer or home to buy. When the transaction is complete, you don’t have to deal with us anymore (although we appreciate the occasional hello).

Share and share alike, but when you’re ready to buy or sell Boston Midtown real estate, make sure you have your own Boston Beacon Hill real estate agent to represent you.