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If you are keen on keeping up with the times and follow the current trends in home décor, you would invest in high-quality premium covers for all your outdoor furniture. The best way to impress the younger generation with your home décor efforts is to invest in attractive and highly-functional covers for your patio furniture. 

As per, you are definitely not an exception when you dream of enjoying outdoor living. Landscape construction experts, residential architects, and homebuilders are seeing a growing trend where homeowners are increasingly including outdoor living and embracing home décor designs that inspire a flowing outdoor-indoor living space very much in their basic home design

With more and more homeowners taking a keen interest in doing up the outdoor spaces, the focus is very much on investing in unique and useful patio furniture. However, it is not enough to invest in expensive patio furniture without paying attention to the maintenance of those expensive patio furniture pieces. The best way to preserve and maintain expensive patio furniture in great shape is by covering them up with high-quality covers to protect them from the harsh elements. There are some special features that differentiate ordinary furniture covers from exceptional ones

Specially Treated Polyester Material

Top designers across the world rely on properly treated polyester since it is the best fabric for making top-grade covers for your outdoor furniture that is constantly exposed to the harsh elements 24×7. Polyester happens to be the bestselling fabric for creating long-lasting covers for your furniture. It is extremely popular because of its longevity and lightweight characteristics. Polyester material, when treated with certain special chemicals, could become unique and highly water-resistant. Water simply beads up on this sort of treated material. 

Moreover, to make the polyester more robust and water-resistant, experts rely on the application of two coats of the super-effective polyurethane on the material’s backside. This helps in creating a truly water-resistant shield. You must realize that without this special treatment, water would be passing through the fabric easily as untreated polyester is a woven product.

Tough 12-Gauge Vinyl

The laminated polyester lining seems to be the most effective material for your vinyl covers. All vinyl covers must boast of a laminated lining for withstanding the pulling, tugging, usual wear & tear, and other pressures that a patio furniture cover goes through all year round. Vinyl on its own lacks in the inherent strength and would get torn or develop punctures if not properly laminated to a more robust material like polyester. Even though you would come across thinner 8 or 10-gauge vinyl covers everywhere in the market, it is a wise decision to choose the super-tough and fortified 12-Gauge Vinyl to make all the difference in its quality. Customers have a fascination for vinyl covers that are rugged and commercial-grade with tough polyester-woven lining.

Robust Lining

Covers for your patio furniture must have a solid lining to make them more long-lasting and puncture-resistant. A plastic or vinyl furniture cover is pretty useless without a robust lining. Top-quality covers come with the polyester lining that is laminated seamlessly to the vinyl that accounts for the boost in stability and strength.

Built-In Vents

Vents are crucial as they allow smooth movement of air through the outdoor furniture cover. This helps in eliminating moisture buildup that could trigger mildew and mold, discoloration, furniture rust, and even cushion damage. 


The above special features could make the covers for your outdoor furniture stand out from the rest. Always invest in a high-quality patio furniture cover not only to boost the aesthetic appeal and overall ambiance of your patio but to ensure full protection of your expensive patio furniture.

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