From the Boston Foundation:

Demographic Trends

The last two years (2007 and 2008) have seen the population of Greater Boston increase by nearly 65,000 individuals, to 4.1 million. This increase in population resulted in the addition of nearly 23,000 new households, bringing the total to 1.55 million. The recession of the past year had already taken its toll on incomes.

  • Median real household income in 2008 was up by just 0.28 percent over 2007.
  • Over the longer run, real household income has grown very slowly since 2000, rising by only 3.25 percent overall.
  • Virtually all of this gain was among homeowners, who experienced a 4.7 percent increase since 2000. Meanwhile, the median income of renter households has actually declined by 7 percent. This growing divergence between the incomes of homeowners and renters represents a long-term trend.