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Boston don’t forget the homeless

Although we’ve had a recent break in the cold weather, its worth noting that we can’t forget about Boston’s homeless population, who are stuggling to stay warm. Recently, Pine Street Inn hit an all time high with individuals looking for shelter. Mayor Walsh has recently opened up Boston South Station after midnight to assist in sheltering the homeless. The city is making progress but more needs to be done.

Boston Second-Largest Homeless Rate in the Country

As the chart below shows, Boston’s homeless rate is the second-worst in the country.  It ranks only behind Washington DC, were even ahead of NYC which is in fourth place. Remember this is based on the percentage of the population.

Boston condos owners dont forget the homeless

Boston homeless high Boston condo rent

The only good news, if you want to call it that, Boston is doing a better job sheltering its homeless than most other major cities in the country.

Who are the Homeless?

While alcohol and drug use is certainly a significant cause of homelessness, it is by no means the predominant one.  In Boston, high apartment rents, an eviction, or a job loss can leave you living on the street.  Nearly half are under age 24 when they first experience homelessness in the country.

Source of the Chart: SPUR

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