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Boston downtown real estate: How to sell your Boston condos for sale fast

It might feel like a no-brainer to state that professional photos and 3D home tours help Boston condos on the real estate market sell faster and for more. But what might surprise you is just how much more and just how much faster. I’ve been selling homes, licensed since 1999, and my team has completed numerous home sales. Not only will I bring national studies to the table in this article, but I can speak from significant personal experience on the subject. Not all professional photography and not all 3D home tours are the same. I also hope to help bring some useful distinction to both. You might be surprised to learn there are 4 different categories of professional real estate photography to choose from, and three different categories of 3D home tours available.

According to extensive research conducted by Old Dominion University, photos are overwhelmingly the first thing home buyers look at online, not the price, location, description, or anything else listed.

According to the National Association of Realtors 2020 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, a record 97% of home buyers searched for their next home online.

After reading the below studies, I’m sure you will agree that both professional photography should be standard and 3D home tours should be standard for every listing represented by a modern real estate agent.

Professional Photography Sells Homes Faster

21 days faster according to an often cited study performed by Redfin in 2013.

32% faster according to a study done by VHT, a large photography company, in 2013.

50% faster according to a study done by IMOTO, a large photography company, in 2014.

3D Home Tours Sell Homes Faster

A recent report says 54% of buyers won’t look at listings of properties without virtual tours and listings with virtual tours get 87% more views. In the same report, surveyed buyers wanted to see 3D tours on home listings more than anything else, more than price, photos, or description.

According to a recent Zillow study, homes with 3D tours were viewed 50% more often and had 60% more buyer saves.

31% faster according to a study done by Matterport, a major 3D home company, in 2020.

Professional Photography Sells Homes for More

10,000 more according to the often-cited study performed by Redfin in 2013.

According to an Inman study, real estate agents that pay a professional to take photos earn double commission vs. those agents that do not. This of course means, at least in part, that their homes are selling for more.

3D Home Tours Sells Homes for More

9% more according to a Matterport study.

2% more according to a study conducted by the University of Iowa.

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Boston downtown real estate: How to sell your Boston condos for sale fast

The coronavirus pandemic has arguably affected all business sectors. We are no longer sure about the future, and we can’t predict changes in the Boston real estate market. However, from the little knowledge and experience that we do have, we can admit that while it’s not easy to sell a property amid the pandemic, we’re happy to report that we’ve mastered the way to do so! Despite social-distancing orders, restricted showings, no open houses, and many other changes to the marketplace, the Boston real estate market has been booming, and we’ve been selling homes successfully, some even site-unseen!

Social distancing rules have slowed property viewing because people must remain compliant with the regulations. However, it is still possible to sell a house during the quarantine – and very successfully – regardless of whether you had plans to sell your home or a financial crisis has hit you. Here are five tips for selling your house during the quarantine period.

1. Remove Personalize Items in the Condominium

If you want to sell your downtown Boston condo fast and attract the most buyers possible, you will want to make your home ready for new inhabitants, and give the next owner the opportunity to see themselves in your high rise condo. You should de-personalize it by removing all your stuff to make it look presentable and attractive to any viewer. Thorough cleaning is crucial at this period in line with the virus control techniques. A well-cleaned condominium can be presentable and more appealing to any buyer. Also, make sure that the condominium building maintenance work is done well. Renovations need to be completed before putting the property for sale. If you’re unsure of what renovations you should be making, don’t hesitate to call us so we can do a walk-through and ensure that any work you’d be doing to the property, would bring you a good return.

Cleaning and refurbishing your Seaport condo will not only improve its looks but will also boost its value. Besides, no one wants to move in or buy unclean homes amid a deadly crisis. You should ensure that the interiors and lighting of the house are correctly done because they play a significant role in selling a high rise Boston condo.

2. Boston Condominium For Sale Online Marketing

The fact that you are in quarantine allows you to embrace the power of the internet. The digital market is the largest and fastest-growing marketing technique in the world. You should try to use it to the fullest! Online marketing will expose your property to attract many potential buyers. Therefore, it allows you to obtain different price options from many buyers, thus facilitating the closing process. You can also enlist your house on some of the leading property portals available to help sell the house smoothly.

Lately, we have been using many different channels for online marketing for our Beacon Hill condo sales. Not only do we have vast social media audiences, but we also love experimenting with paid and organic marketing, advertising, and love utilizing cutting edge technology like 360 video cameras and virtual reality to sell our properties. We have sold several in the last few weeks totally site-unseen, where the buyers never saw the property until they stepped foot in the door after closing.

One thing to be mindful of with technology like virtual reality is that it captures everything you need to have an excellent presentation of your Boston condo for sale before posting it online for sale. People become interested in properties based on how it is presented to them. Since you have more time indoors currently, work on getting your home “staged” and ready to appeal to all buyers. If your house presentation looks elegant, it attracts more buyers and referrals for a quicker sale.

3. Choose Boston Real Estate Agent With Positive Google Reviews

If you use an agent to sell your house, you’ll want to pick the best. While we bring a lot to the table on our Boston Real Estate website, we always encourage clients to interview agents, as it is important that you feel well taken care of through your real estate sale, and we always want clients to feel confident when they choose to work with us!

Local property sales, online review sites like Yelp, and asking friends and family, are great ways to find the right agent to help you through the process. The agent you work with should be smart and competent enough to understand the importance of keeping social distancing rules during the crisis.

A useful Boston real estate agent attracts the right buyers and with many buyers registered on their platforms. Most of them also have perfect negotiation skills and can bid for higher asking prices, thus ensuring that your sales revenue is excellent. If you work with a competent agent, these processes can be just as doable and simple regardless of being in a pandemic.

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Updated: Boston Real Estate 2021

4. Real Estate Virtual Viewing

The fact that we should practice social distancing has discouraged many people from physically viewing homes, but individuals still need to buy and sell! Many real estate experts like ourselves are already using virtual viewing applications to promote properties. You can go live on different platforms showing high-quality videos of the house, features, and the surrounding. We’ve actually been doing Virtual Reality tours for all of our listings – allowing clients to “view” the home from anywhere in the world in the comfort of their own living room. Clients love real pictures and live videos, and have especially been loving the utilization of Virtual Reality in our homes for sale

5. Electronic Real Estate Settlement

Technology is changing the way of working. With the improvement of technology, many deals are sealed in different ways, unlike in the past. There are several useful online transaction platforms available freely at your disposal. Most of these channels have their online support team readily available to help you. Thus, you don’t need to meet a client physically for the closure of a deal on selling your condominium. And with people focused on giving their safety a top priority, many transactions are worth completing using electronic methods.

Banks and other services can assist you with questions if needed. Reach out to these people! If you aren’t conversant with online transactions, you can engage an expert to help you close the deal electronically. It is possible to sell your downtown condo during the quarantine. You only need to follow the above tips and follow the government’s regulations provided to curb the crisis. And remember, we are here to help you every step of the way. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to talk through what the process of selling your home would look like!

If your a regular reader of this Boston real estate website, then you know that Charles River Park condos that sold in 2020 were on the market for an average of 42 days. That doesn’t really tell the full picture though.

Boston condos for sale and days-on-the-market

Even though time on market has increased over the past several months in all real estate in downtown Boston, the best Boston condos for sale are still selling quickly – very quickly. Since buyers mostly comparison shop, they are basing their decision on what other homes are on the market at that price point. Additionally, with real-time emails most buyers are aware of a new listing the moment it hits the market. This allows them to quickly see when a listing for Boston downtown real estate appears to be a value.

In Boston, we continue to see that buyers aren’t afraid to pull the trigger on a Charles River Park condo for sale that stands out from the competition. In fact, they are more afraid to wait. So if you see a Boston downtown condo you like online, make it a priority to get over and see it. Don’t wait for the weekend or for when you get back from a trip because chances are, it will be gone.

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Our team of buyer’s agents has a combined 58+ years of experience representing buyers. We can help you avoid all of the mistakes and negotiate a great deal on your behalf. We believe home buying should be about counseling you to find the right Boston condo for sale for you and your family, not hard selling you the most expensive condominium you can afford.

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