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Boston Echelon Seaport condos for sale $1M ($1,000,000)

Boston Seaport Condos for Sale


Echelon Condos for Sale for $1M ($1,000,000)

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Echelon  World-Class Amenities

Echelon will feature 5-star, resort-style amenities including: 

-24 Hour Concierge


-Valet Car Service

-Resort Style Outdoor Pool with Cabanas

-Two Additional Pools, One Indoor, One Outdoor

-Full-Service Fitness Center

-Resident Sky Lounge 

-Multiple Outdoor Terraces with Firepits + Gas Grills

-Basketball Court

-Golf Simulator


-Wine Tasting Room

-Pet Spa + Dog Run

-Two Levels of Luxury Retail + Restaurant

-On-Site Grocery Store

Luxury Living in the Heart of Boston’s Seaport: $1M Condos Available Now!

Throw your map away and buckle up for an immersive journey into luxurious city living unmatched anywhere in the Northeast. Picture yourself sipping a steamy latte while gazing out on the breathtaking Boston Harbor from the comfort of your opulent condo. Imagine being just steps away from gourmet restaurants, chic boutiques, and vibrant nightspots, all while knowing that you can retreat to serenity whenever you please. It’s time to stop daydreaming about such a lifestyle; it’s real and happening in Boston’s Seaport District! With $1M Condos now available, this isn’t just superior living—it’s a ticket to being part of an exclusive community that embodies the spirit of sophisticated urbanity. A thrilling world awaits you in the heart of Boston. Is it the life you’ve always dreamed about? Well, it is now within your reach!

Our website provides a comprehensive listing of Boston Seaport Condos priced at or under $1 million dollars, including one-bedroom condos at 135 Seaport Boulevard and 21 Wormwood Street. It’s important to note that availability may change based on demand, so interested parties should reach out to our experienced brokers for the most up-to-date information.

The Allure of the Boston Seaport District

The Boston Seaport District has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods for luxury living in the city due to its prime location and upscale amenities. With stunning waterfront views and easy access to top-rated restaurants, boutique shops, and cultural attractions, it’s no wonder why many young professionals and families are flocking to invest in this sophisticated neighborhood.

Imagine waking up every morning to breathtaking views of the Boston Harbor, strolling along the scenic waterfront for your morning coffee, and having all of the city’s best entertainment options right at your doorstep. This is exactly what you can expect when you invest in a luxury condo in the Seaport District.

The Seaport District has seen significant growth and development over the past few years with several new luxury high-rise buildings emerging, attracting wealthy investors from all over the world. According to recent market reports, the average price per square foot for real estate in this area has increased by 6% from last year alone.

Some may argue that investing in a luxury condo in the Seaport district is not worth the high price tag. However, when considering factors such as location, quality of life, and potential return on investment, it is clear that purchasing a property in this vibrant neighborhood is both a smart financial decision and a dream come true for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle.

So what makes this neighborhood so special? Let’s take a closer look at the stunning architecture and urban vibrancy that make living in Boston’s Seaport District an unparalleled experience.

  • According to recent market reports, there has been a 15% increase in the sale of luxury condos in the Boston Seaport District over the past year.
  • Despite the increasing demand for luxury condos, it is still possible to find some under $1 million, particularly one-bedroom ones at locations like 135 Seaport Boulevard and 21 Wormwood Street.
  • Reports from Ford Realty, a prominent brokerage firm in the area, indicate they’re offering an incentive where they give back 50% of their commission to the buyer. This effectively contributes towards reducing the net purchase cost of condos for their clients.
  • The Boston Seaport District has become a highly sought-after neighborhood for luxury living due to its location, amenities, and stunning waterfront views. With new luxury high-rise buildings attracting wealthy investors from around the world, many young professionals and families are flocking to invest in this sophisticated neighborhood. While the price per square foot may be high, factors such as location, quality of life, and potential return on investment make purchasing a property in this vibrant neighborhood a smart financial decision. The stunning architecture and urban vibrancy of the Seaport District offer an unparalleled experience for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle.

Modern Architecture and Urban Vibrancy

The Seaport District is famous for its sleek modern architecture that beautifully blends with Boston’s historic charm. This sought-after location boasts some of the most iconic buildings on the city skyline such as One Seaport Square, Pier 4 apartments, and Echelon Seaport.

One Seaport Square is a luxurious mixed-use development that features two high-end residential buildings, one office building, and a retail space with over 250,000 square feet of shopping and dining options. The sleek glass towers of One Seaport Square embody modern urban living and offer breathtaking views of the Boston skyline.

The Seaport District has become a hotbed of architectural innovation as developers seek to create visually stunning structures that meet the needs of modern-day residents. Each new building in the area seems to outdo the last in terms of design excellence.

Critics argue that some of the new developments in the Seaport District do not fit well with historic Boston architecture and can be unsightly. However, many view these modern constructions as a bold representation of the city’s future while paying homage to its rich past.

Living in a Seaport District condo is like owning a piece of paradise in an urban oasis. Imagine waking up every day to see reflections of the sun off Boston Harbor gleaming from your window or being able to easily walk down Newbury Street for brunch with friends on Sunday mornings. It’s not hard to find joy in these luxury surroundings.

The Luxury Condos:

Luxury living in Boston’s Seaport District has become even more accessible with the number of high-end condos that are available for purchase under a million dollars. These lavish properties not only offer breathtaking views of the city and harbor, but they are also located in one of the trendiest and most vibrant areas in Boston.

These luxurious condos feature modern and sleek designs. They are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that cater to the residents’ every need, from fitness centers to expansive roof decks with panoramic views of the city. The interiors exude elegance and sophistication, featuring high ceilings, open floor plans, gourmet kitchens, and spa-like bathrooms. Nothing compares to waking up to incredible views of Boston Harbor or enjoy watching the sunsets on the balcony after a long day at work.

The attention to detail put into these condominiums is second to none, providing residents with an unmatched lifestyle where comfort meets style and sophistication.

For instance, there is a one-bedroom condo currently available for purchase at 135 Seaport Boulevard with mesmerizing views of the city skyline from its private balcony. This stylish property features custom finishes throughout, including hardwood floors, designer lighting, custom-built closets, and automatic shades.

Another highly coveted two-bedroom property available for sale is at 21 Wormwood Street. This magnificent condo boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to flood in while offering stunning views of both the city skyline and Boston Harbor.

While some may argue that owning a luxury condo is more a matter of personal preference rather than practicality; however, they are missing out on the plethora of benefits such as access to excellent schools and public transportation.

Owning a high-end condo in Boston’s Seaport District is like having a vacation home in your own backyard – you get to enjoy the finest luxuries that the area has to offer all year-round.

Now, let’s have a closer look at some of the standout properties available for under a million dollars in Boston’s Seaport District.

Take a First Look at St. Regis - Ford Realty Inc

Take a First Look at St. Regis – Ford Realty Inc

Highlighted Properties under

One of the most sought-after properties in this price range is the Echelon, located at 133 Seaport Boulevard. This prestigious development boasts magnificent waterfront views and a location that puts residents within easy reach of Boston’s best dining spots and entertainment.

The Echelon features one and two-bedroom condos, each with unique floor plans designed for comfortable and functional living. They come with top-of-the-line appliances, designer finishes, and access to an exclusive club room, rooftop terrace, and fitness center. Moreover, The Echelon offers luxurious amenities like valet parking, 24-hour concierge services, and a bicycle room.

The Gables on Fulton Street is another great option for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle on a budget. With bright interiors, open layouts, and large windows that maximize natural lighting, these chic condos offer stunning views of the Boston skyline. The Gables features studios as well as one- and two-bedroom condominiums with beautifully appointed kitchens and bathrooms.

Another highlight in this price range is 50 Liberty Drive. The condos at 50 Liberty are modern and luxurious with spacious rooms featuring hardwood floors, clean lines in design complemented by countless impressive details which include gourmet kitchens equipped with state-of-the-art appliances from high-end brands such as Sub-Zero & Wolf.

At 50 Liberty Drive there is currently a one-bed unit available for purchase that comes complete with Viking appliances and floor-to-ceiling windows – perfect for taking in views of Boston Harbor without having to leave your home.

These condominiums provide residents with every comfort they need from basic amenities like a fitness center, concierge services, and 24/7 security systems to more lavish ones like swimming pools, lounge areas with fireplaces, and media rooms.

Some housing skeptics argue that luxury condos can be too costly for the average person; however, Boston Seaport Condos have several options available for under a million dollars.

Owning a luxurious condo in Boston’s Seaport District is like having exclusive access to your own private island resort where you don’t have to worry about upkeep while enjoying all the stunning amenities offered.

These highlighted properties are just a selection of what’s available in Boston’s Seaport District. With many other deluxe condominiums in the area to explore, now is the perfect time to invest in one of these luxurious abodes.

Upscale Amenities in the Seaport District

The Seaport District is a highly coveted area in Boston with its trendy and modern architecture, luxurious amenities and proximity to high-end dining and shopping destinations. One of the main reasons why this district is so popular is due to the upscale amenities that cater to the needs of its residents.

Some of the impressive features that you can expect from luxury condos in the Seaport District include 24-hour concierge services, resident lounges, fitness centers, rooftop decks and swimming pools. These lavish amenities are not only functional but also designed to offer residents a unique lifestyle experience.

The management of Seaport district buildings is committed to providing residents with modern amenities which have become an essential feature for luxury living. Take for example 50 Liberty Drive’s attended lobby featuring comfortable seating areas where residents can receive incoming guests or wait for their Uber ride all while enjoying views of Boston harbor.

While some people may argue that they do not need these luxury amenities as they do not have the time or inclination to use them, it cannot be denied that these features add significant value to any property. They serve as an added convenience for residents who want a touch of luxury in their daily lives. Additionally, when residents have access to such amenities, it elevates their social status within their community.

Indeed, think about these amenities like fashion accessories. Fashion accessories are not strictly necessary but they help people express their individual style and elevate any outfit. Similarly, upscale amenities may not be strictly necessary, but they make one’s living experience much more enjoyable by elevating one’s lifestyle.

With abundant world-class amenities available, residents find the Seaport neighborhood attractive for its unique combination of luxury living experiences—the perfect place for those seeking a heightened urban lifestyle.

Proximity to Fine Dining and Shopping Destinations

The Seaport District is known for its exceptional dining experiences and high-end shopping destinations. The neighborhood offers an extensive collection of fine restaurants that attract food lovers from across the city.

Some of Boston’s most coveted restaurants are located in the Seaport District, including Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, Ocean Prime, Row 34, and Woods Hill Pier 4. These highly-rated eateries offer some of the best seafood, steaks, and cocktails in the city.

Apart from the numerous dining options, the Seaport District has some of the country’s finest shopping centers. One can find various boutiques selling everything from designer dresses to premium grooming products.

While critics may argue that these upscale dining and shopping experiences come with a higher price tag, it cannot be denied that residents of the Seaport District have access to a lifestyle unmatched elsewhere. The cost is outweighed by the quality of life offered in this district.

This experience is somewhat similar to flying first-class on an airplane versus business class or economy class; they all take you to your destination but those who are willing to pay more for a first-class ticket get to lounge in comfort and luxury while sipping on champagne.

With so much to offer in terms of fine dining and shopping destinations, living in the heart of Boston’s Seaport District guarantees a unique urban lifestyle with easy access to an exclusive selection of world-class amenities.

The Rising Seaport Real Estate Market

The Boston Seaport District’s real estate market is experiencing a massive boom in 2023, with many newly available luxury condos selling for record prices. Real estate market reports indicate that the area is currently a seller’s market, meaning that demand for luxury living spaces in the area exceeds supply.

According to recent data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Property Information Network, current home prices in the Boston Seaport District rose by approximately 12% year on year. The data also reveals that there has been more inventory of new homes coming onto the market over this time period too.

This trend is believed to continue thanks to improvements currently underway in local transportation infrastructure and continued developments in modern architecture in the region.

Recently, an apartment was sold off-market for $2 million in Echelon Seaport. This development overlooking Boston Harbor offers some of the best amenities and views of any property recently completed in the Boston Seaport area. Since Echelon Seaport’s completion, it has helped to attract a wave of other similar high-end condo developments into the area.

While these high prices may seem astronomical, they are simply a reflection of high demand for upscale living spaces within walking distance of Boston’s central business district. However, many individuals argue that such pricing puts homeownership firmly out of reach of those who lack substantial disposable income or assets to their name.

It can be said that investing in such properties is similar to buying gold as its value appreciates over time. Moreover, owning a luxury condo not only means a great living experience but also presents itself as an excellent investment opportunity with estimates predicting an increase in the property’s worth as years go by.

At present, buyers have shown interest despite cost hurdles associated with these Seaport properties, especially due to the Seaport District’s prime location and numerous upscale amenities that come with these developments.

In conclusion, The Boston Seaport District is currently experiencing a period of growth in its real estate market, with a range of luxury condos available for purchase at record-high prices. Despite debates surrounding exclusivity and price point, there is little doubt that this trend will continue as new developments come online and interest in high-end living spaces within walking distance of the city’s downtown core remains strong.


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Boston Seaport Condos for Sale


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