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The July 2020 Case Shiller Report came out today, national home prices increased 4.8 percent YoY, up from 4.3 percent in the previous month, according to the most recent S&P CoreLogic/Case-Shiller Indices. Year-over-year, the 10-City Composite increased 3.3 percent, up from 2.8 percent in the previous month. The 20-City Composite increased 3.9 percent YoY, up from the previous month’s 3.5 percent gain.

The following cities experienced the highest YoY gains: Phoenix (9.0 percent), Seattle (7.0 percent) and Charlotte (6.0 percent)

The complete data for the 20 markets measured by S&P:

Atlanta, Ga.
July/June: 0.5%
Year-Over-Year: 4.8%

Boston, Mass.
July/June: 1.0%
Year-Over-Year: 4.4%

Charlotte, N.C.
July/June: 0.6%
Year-Over-Year: 6.0%

Chicago, Ill.

July/June: 0.5%
Year-Over-Year: 0.8%

Cleveland, Ohio

July/June: 1.3%
Year-Over-Year: 5.5%

Dallas, Texas

July/June: 0.4%
Year-Over-Year: 3.2%

Denver, Colo.

July/June: 0.4%
Year-Over-Year: 4.4%

Las Vegas, Nev.

July/June: 0.6%
Year-Over-Year: 3.3%

Los Angeles, Calif.

July/June: 1.1%
Year-Over-Year: 5.3%

Miami, Fla.

July/June: 0.5%
Year-Over-Year: 4.1%

Minneapolis, Minn.

July/June: 0.5%
Year-Over-Year: 5.2%

New York, N.Y.

July/June: -0.1%
Year-Over-Year: 1.3%

Phoenix, Ariz.

July/June: 0.9%
Year-Over-Year: 9.2%

Portland, Ore.
July/June: 1.3%
Year-Over-Year: 5.0%

San Diego, Calif.

July/June: 1.1%
Year-Over-Year: 5.5%

San Francisco, Calif.
July/June: 0.9%

Year-Over-Year: 2.5%

Seattle, Wash.

July/June: 0.6%
Year-Over-Year: 7.0%

Tampa, Fla.
July/June: 0.6%

Year-Over-Year: 5.9%

Washington, D.C.

July/June: 0.8%
Year-Over-Year: 4.4%

What the Industry Is Saying:

The strength of the housing market was consistent nationally—all 19 cities for which we have July data rose, with 16 of them outpacing their June gains.

In previous months, we’ve noted that a trend of accelerating increases in the National Composite Index began in August 2019. That trend was interrupted in May and June, as price gains decelerated modestly, but now may have resumed. Obviously, more data will be required before we can say with confidence that any COVID-related deceleration is behind us.

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Updated: 2020

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