What a novel and unique idea.

Bunker Hill

According to the Herald’s O’Ryan Johnson (now, that’s a name) the Boston Housing Authority is floating plans to close a portion of the Charlestown housing project, the BHA’s largest housing community for low- and moderate-income individuals and families.

The plan would call for closing up to a third of the project, and selling the land to a private developer.

Funds raised would go toward renovating the other apartments in the development (which seems odd, seeing as most of the project was renovated just several years ago, but, what are you gonna do?).

The city would relocate the displaced residents to a development of their choice or provide vouchers for federal rent subsidies (presumably, as part of the Section 8 program).

Win-win-win for everyone? Residents, citizens, taxpayers?

More information: Bunker Hill residents blast plan, fear relocation – By Ryan Johnson, The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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