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Boston ranked one of the best cities and one of the worst

How does Boston, Ma ranked compare to other major metros? It depends on who you ask–just this week, I ran across two outside sources ranked us as both tip-top and bottom-of-the-barrel.

First, the annual Best Cities rankings dubbed Boston in the top cities in the US right now, out of 100 American metros ranked.

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Best Cities’  go to (where else?) New York and LA, the former praised for its pandemic recovery and the latter for its food scene and infrastructure.

Boston lands in ninth spot based mostly on economic indicators and “the promise of high salaries” even after pandemic woes, and how the city’s population is rebounding after multiple dips.

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Best Cities is a project by Resonance Consultancy, a Canadian branding and marketing company;. The annual city rankings are really just a bid for public attention, but all the same it’s nice to hear complimentary things about Boston given the fact we have high Boston apartment rents and high Boston condo for sale prices.

At the same time, the finance site WalletHub has some bones to pick with Boston’s bottom line: In WalletHub’s best-and-worst run cities rankings of 73rd.

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