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Boston ranked one of the best cities for graduates

For students at Boston’s numerous colleges and universities, choosing where to live after graduation can be quite the challenge, especially if they want to stay in Beantown, according to a new study by ApartmentAdvisor. It ranked Boston the 14th-best U.S. city for recent college graduates. 

While it didn’t make the top 10, Boston, which has a median one-bedroom monthly rent of $2,600, received an economic score of 51.4 in the rankings, a 17.9 for desirability and an overall score of 36.3.

ApartmentAdvisor compared 84 of the largest U.S. cities by a variety of metrics, which were used to compute an “economic score” and a “desirability score” for each metro. Each city was ranked on everything from rent prices to average salaries to employment rates, as well as access to recreation and nightlife, ease of mobility and the size of its young adult population. A city’s total score was the weighted average with the lowest scores being the most desirable.   

The economic score was based on unemployment, individual yearly earnings, rent-to-earnings, higher-education levels and cost-of-living, while the desirability score considered non-automotive mobility, young-adult population and restaurants/bars/nightlife opportunities per capita.  

The top 10 cities for recent college graduates are listed below, and the full list can be found here

  1. Madison, Wisconsin
  2. Minneapolis 
  3. Seattle 
  4. Atlanta 
  5. Salt Lake City 
  6. Pittsburgh 
  7. Denver 
  8. Austin, Texas 
  9. Washington, D.C. 
  10.  St. Louis
  • Boston ranked 14th.

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