What is your favorite quote from 2009 regarding real estate or the economy? For me, it’s the duo qoutes from the developer and marketing manager for 45 Province Street. Listed below are two excerpts From the Boston Herald:

Cheryl Bliss Waxman, the listing agent for 45 Province St. in Boston’s Downtown Crossing, said she has non-refundable deposits on 30 percent of the 138-unit development that is expected to open in May.

Followed up by this …

In March, 45 Province’s listing agent said she had nonrefundable deposits on 30 percent of the units.

But at the grand opening, David Epstein, president of the Abbey Group, the project’s developer, acknowledged he’s holding deposits on just 20 percent of the condos.

“At that time, we added people who were on the fence,” he said about the discrepancy.

So what’s your favorite quote from 2009?

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