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Last year I receive an offer on a Boston downtown condo and in the offer the buyer stated that she wanted the condo cleaned before the closing. 

The Boston real estate buyer’s agent said she wants to make sure the high rise condo is clean for her client and so she put it in writing. Putting things in writing is a great idea but what does clean mean? What if the seller cleaned the home but the buyer decided that it wasn’t clean. How would we resolve the situation?

Right now I would probably say that the kitchen in our home is clean. Mona would disagree with that. There are no dishes in the sink, the floor is swept and the counter is free of crumbs or anything gooey but  Mona wouldn’t call the kitchen clean but  neither one of us is right or wrong.

In general Boston condo sellers should clean before they leave and most buyers should plan on cleaning before they move in. When putting things in writing they need to be as specific as possible. Sometimes we ask to have carpet shampooed by a professional carpet cleaning company and sometimes we ask that the windows be professionally cleaned or that the cleaning cycle on the oven be run or that the fireplace be left free of ashes and pieces of charred wood.

Boston Seaport condo buyers (or any buyer for that matter) should always do a final walk through before the closing. That way if there is a problem it can be addressed before the purchase.

It turned out that the buyer who wanted the immaculate condo cleaned was concerned about the inside of the oven which did need cleaning.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Be careful out there and if you put it in writing be as specific as possible. The most common cause of problems and hard feeling between Boston real estate buyers and sellers are misunderstandings caused by the written word.

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Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


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