The pandemic has devastated some sectors while leaving others relatively unscathed. U.S. airlines are laying off tens of thousands as air travel continues to languish at a fraction of its previous level. Meanwhile, home sales are strong because mortgages are cheap for those who qualify, and people who have work-from-home jobs are looking for more space.

VirusEconChart 10.8 airline W

A shortage of homes for sale continues, but buyers are snapping up what inventory there is.

VirusEconChart 10.9 homesales WEB

Job openings are rising here and across the nation, but the Seattle metro area has rebounded less than the U.S. as a whole.

VirusEconChart 10.7 job openings W

Business starts are ahead of last year’s pace, but they have weakened since midsummer.

VirusEconChart 10.6 businessapplications W


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