I moved to Boston from New York twenty-five years ago, and frequently work with many New Yorkers who have relocated here. New York is definitely a world of its own, and I must admit that I was a bit worried when I moved to Boston; in my mind, I’d have to drive everywhere, and things wouldn’t be as central. After all, Boston doesn’t have the grid layout that downtown Manhattan has, but It takes some time to realize that many Boston areas are little New York unto themselves.

But as time went on, I found myself gravitating toward certain neighborhoods that either had a New York feel to them, or which had the attributes I appreciated about Manhattan life. For all you New Yorker’s thinking about moving to Boston, here are my picks for downtown Boston neighborhoods that will make your transition easier:

1. Midtown/Downtown Real Estate

Home new high rise condos for sale and high rise luxury apartments, Boston Midtown, like its name indicates has an extremely central location close to the Boston Common and downtown. It’s also the performing arts center of Boston and boasts the Opera House and many performing arts outlets. You can easily jump on train, or jump on the Mass Turnpike to head south. The neighborhood has steadily developed over the past several years into one of the city’s premier restaurant neighborhoods, and great little coffee shops and boutiques.

2. Seaport District Real Estate

Perched in downtown, Seaport is new Boston at its best. It has the most New York feel of all the neighborhoods listed, and has some excellent little restaurants. It’s also in close proximity to the Financial District. A big bonus is views, which come naturally due to the close proximity of Boston Harbor. In other words, if you can’t afford a view condo, you can at least see views when you walk around outside.

3. Leather District Real Estate

With a more hipster feel to it than that of the other downtown Boston neighborhoods, Leather District is a hotbed of cafes and restaurants. You’ll feel right at home waiting on line behind the most popular restaurants. 

4. Beacon Hill Real Estate

I’m a little biased on this pick, as my office is here now and I own a Beacon Hill condo here as well. Actually, I’m located on Charles Street, which means I can walk to the T (subway) line that runs to downtown Boston. In addition, Charles River is less than 5 minute walk from anywhere on Beacon Hill. We’re ten minutes’ walk to Back Bay, and nearby Copley Square shopping area. Beacon Hill one of the few areas that is big on kids and dogs, but having them isn’t a requirement.

5. Back Bay Real Estate

The Back Bay luxury housing stock is varied. You can find large buildings with spacious floor plans, or Victorian-era town homes that smack of quintessential Old time Boston. It takes about 10-15 minutes at the most to drive from the area to any other neighborhood in the city, and there are plenty of bike paths that run in all directions. You can walk to Copley Square and even downtown or Fenway Park if you’re so inclined.

Please feel free to call me if you’re in the process of relocating. I handle Boston condo/townhome sales and Beacon Hill /Midtown apartment rentals exclusively, but my staff are some rockin’ leasing agents that could point you in the right direction of you’re planning to rent or buy anywhere in Boston.