I have a Boston real-estate confession to make. I tend to delegate many of my Boston real estate responsibilities to others. Okay, what does this mean? Well, I tend to slack off  on some responsibilities and I don’t answer all my real estate internet leads. Err…but  I do hand them off  to my top notch Boston real estate staff (just in case you were wondering).  But this isn’t what I’m really ashamed of – What is  –  I can’t even tell you the last time I went to a  Catholic Confessioner…  Boston open house. But don’t  let that worry you – that will all change today!  I’ve seen the Boston real-estate light  – and I also just received  my Ford Realty Sovereign Bank February 2011 income statement. But that’s  for another story.

This Sunday, I plan to visit three Boston neighborhoods that have open houses: Back Bay, Beacon Hill and the Boston South End. This is what I plan to do: I’ll provide to you my eye-witness accounts of what I noticed at these Boston  open houses. But I need a little help from my Boston Real Estate Blog readers. 

1. What price range condos should I visit for Beacon Hill? $300,000 – 500,000?

2. What price range for open houses should I visit for Boston Back Bay condos?

3. What price-range open houses should I visit for the Boston South End?

4. When I attended these Boston open houses, should I wear a disguise so no one recognizes me?

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