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I lost contact with a very special friend of mine because of the COVID-19. Our friendship has always been something I will cherish for my entire life from the first day I met her, at Uno’s Pizzaria in Harvard Square, with a group of friends.

A few months back, we departed on uneasy terms, not sure why, as we were both going through personal issues in our own respective lives and didn’t really keep in touch once the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. To make things worse. I moved my Beacon Hill real estate office from Charles Street to Putnam Ave. (That’s Putnam Ave. in Boston not Cambridge.)

Recently, I constantly thought about her, wondering how she was coping with the recent social unrest and health issues. I felt guilty and somewhat selfish that I never made the effort to stay in touch despite the problems I was dealing with a slow down in my Boston real estate business. I would live in hope and just look out for her when I was on the Redline or just being in Harvard Square…hoping I would just see her again and catch up after all these months.

While riding my bike the other day, I imagined in my mind what it would be like to just randomly bump into each other after all these months. Yesterday, I thought I saw her but it was just someone that had similar features to her. So, I had convinced myself all this thinking in my mind is just a bluff.

HOWEVER!! Today, she texted me. Can you imagine the shock on my face? WOW! It was a very emotional, happy moment to finally receive a text message from my old friend after all these months since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Moral of the Story

To any of you that have lost contact with anyone that meant so much to you and latter because of a fight or disagreement, you fell apart.  – BELIEVE me, there is still a chance to make things right. It might not happen straight away or when you want it to happen, but it’ll happen when you’re both ready and the Universe agrees that you’re both strong enough to rekindle that friendship. Make the most of this one life we all have and that has been given to us by God.

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