If you are buying Boston real estate for sale, the chances are fairly good that you will face some competition. While you may not have an endless budget where you can compete on price, there is a way to sway a seller into choosing you as their Boston condo buyer. The trick is to write a compelling offer letter to the home seller. The following are three tips we’ve put together to help you find the right angle to use to win over the sellers.

Use Honesty

This is an especially good angle to use if you have a limited budget and feel like other Boston condo for sale buyers may have outbid you or if you have put in a lower bid. Just explain how much you can offer and why that is your offer. Explain how much home ownership means to you and why you want this specific home out of all the Beacon Hill condos for sale. Also, make sure to give some information about you and your family, so you can create a personal connection with the seller.

Relate to Them

Find a way to connect your family with their family. If you noticed something when looking at the Back Bay condo for sale, such as they have a dog, then use that point to connect with them. Showing them you are similar to them can really help a seller lean towards choosing you because they can better picture you in the home. They will feel like they can trust you and that you will truly love the home as they do. Plus, it never hurts to pull on the heart strings when connecting with other humans even in the Boston real estate for sale market

Address Their Concerns

During the showing, you will often learn some things about the sellers and their plans for their home. The best real estate agents in the Back Bay and Midtown will even point things out to you. For example, you may learn of an unfinished space, which you can use in your letter. Let the sellers know about your plans for the home and how you will pick up where they left off. This lets them know the home is going into capable hands.

Bottom Line

Drafting an offer letter can often mean the difference between getting the Midtown condo for sale and not getting it in on the Boston real estate sale. To find out more about offer letters and buying a new home, please email us at realtyford@yahoo.com or call us at this number: 617-595-3712.

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