As one can imagine, I’ve been receiving numerous inquiries on how the coronavirus will impact the Boston downtown condo market.

First, I like all others, have no idea how long this virus will last. So I feel a little uncomfortable to opine on a a virus that I know little about. However, there are some observations I’ve taken note of that you may be interested in regarding the Boston condo sellers mindset.

Boston Condo Sellers fear of the cornonavirus

From the Sellers perspective I’ve noticed a slow down of new listings coming onto the market compared to this time last year. For the most part, St. Patrick’s Day is also the start of the Spring real estate sales season. As stated I’ve seen a significant slow down in new listings, but considering the circumstances this is a natural outcome. Sellers are being very thoughtful about allowing strangers into their homes who have the potential of carrying the virus. Sellers, like all of us our number one concern is the safety on our love ones.

Less new listings create a tighter Boston real estate for sale market

As less Boston condo listings are coming onto the market, the results will be that our already tight market will become even get tighter for next month or so, til we get through this pandemic.

In my next blog post I’ll discuss the buyers perspective regarding the cornoavirus and how its impacting their mindset in purchasing a Boston condo for sale.

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