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Boston Real Estate, Mad Men, and the Patriots

Boston Real Estate, Mad Men, and the Patriots


You might be asking yourself: “What does Boston real estate, the TV show Mad Men, and the Patriots have in common?”

Simple answer: Nothing. Unless, of course, you’re me and in love with Mona.

I know you already realize this, but compromise is the key to a successful Boston real estate deal. It’s also the key to good marriage, and I guess a second date.

I don’t want this to turn into a “Dear Abby” column, so let me get to my point.

Since the NFL season began, I told Mona, I only have one request: “Regardless of the time, I would like to watch the Patriots on Sundays, err… and perhaps on a rare Monday night.”

Her request, “I would like to take Sunday romantic walks around Walden Pond (which is near our home.)  She also said, “I also would like the both of us to watch Mad Men on Sunday mornings on AMC between 6am – 9am (repeats).

My thoughts, “Okay walks before the 12pm NFL pre-game show is okay. But watching Mad Men on Sunday at 6am?”

Lessons learned: I actually may have learned something new last Sunday by watching Mad Men (before church at 6am).In the episode below, (thus, compromising) Don Drapper connects not only by logic with his sales clients, but also emotionally.

Boston real estate and Mad Men

File Under: Er…I need to think about this, (I’ll get back to you – assuming – I get to watch the Patriots game.)

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