Many people put their own unique stamp on his or her Boston condo in some way. Nevertheless, the advice whenever you sell your property is to depersonalize, depersonalize, depersonalize, right down to the paint on the walls and carpet on the floor.

That’s probably an excellent idea when it comes to removing your old college beanbag within your living room. But here’s my question: Do you think sellers should keep some personal touches when selling their Boston home?

I’ve never really questioned the rule of thumb regarding depersonalize your property before selling, but today is slow day so I thought I would.

So you painted your living room various forms of army green and you ask yourself: “But I love this — surely the right buyer will, too!”

Boston condo buyers, set the record straight: Do you find yourselves connecting better with Boston condominiums that are an off-white blank slate for you to superimpose your personal tastes, or does the lack of personality make you feel cold when you do a walk-through with your Boston real estate broker? What  Boston condo seller touches have you liked — if any — and what did you hate?