What is it that you tell yourself about the Boston real estate market? Or about moving out of your parent’s attic or a roommate situation?

Perhaps after the Covid-19 outbreak dissipates – and it will. Will you want a lifestyle change?

And why do you choose to take action on renting or buying a Boston condo, or none at all?

How does that narrative in the media change how we deal with tomorrow’s real estate decisions?

I’ve been reading about the real estate market and how COVID-19 triggered a change–some local, some global. But once a change occurs, the ripples that spread are almost always in the form of a story – usually a story from the news media.

It’s a story that causes us to change our minds, to take action, and to spread that story to others.

We don’t know what that Boston Midtown condo or a Beacon Hill apartment is like until we experience it, but we have to decide now, so we tell ourselves a story.

We must make a decision about viewing a property with a broker before we get to know them, and we do that by telling ourselves a story.

It’s on us to find, spread, and ultimately decide to create our own positive stories. Remember, you aren’t passive individuals dictated by the media, or dandelions blowing in the wind.

Boston real estate and the Bottom Line

So who’s going to determine the next chapter in your life story?

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