Banker & Tradesman has an interesting article on their web site today. Here’s an excerpt:

Boston area home values increased $23.3 billion this year, compared to a $53.4 billion loss last year, making the gain the largest nationwide.

According to online mortgage tracker Zillow, homes in Providence, R.I., ranked second on the list, with a gain of $12.4 billion this year.

Zillow found 48 of the 154 markets tracked showed gains in home value this year. Nationwide, home values dropped $489 billion during the first 11 months of 2009, significantly less than the $3.6 trillion lost during 2008.

I wasn’t able to find this exact report, but what I did find on Zillow’s web site is that Boston home values are on the rise. Hmm…..Did we hit bottom? Thank you Zillow.

File Under: Is this another sign that we hit bottom?

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