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Between the months of May through September is the peak of the apartment rental season. My prediction, I think this season rents will be decreasing and more and more landlords will be picking up the rental fees. Here are a few reasons why I think rents are heading south: I feel less and less young prof are moving into the city due to the lack of good paying jobs. College and Universities have more dorms then in previous years. Due to the economy I feel more and more young professionals are living home longer with their parents then in the past. Lastly, as I mentioned in a previous blog post I’m seeing Boston apartments becoming vacant as more and more MA jobs are lost in the recession creating even more apartment inventory then previous rental seasons.

I just spoke with one broker in Beacon Hill who informed me he has 26 apartment rentals on the Hill and very few phone calls. The agents that work under my license are telling me the same story, very few rental phone calls.

Your thoughts?

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