The following information is from the local MLS database, as of November 23, 2007, compared to (November 17, 2007) (November 23, 2006 – where available).

Total # of condos for sale in the city of Boston: 2,325 (2,400) (N/A)
Average # of days on market: 138 (132) (N/A)

Number of condos sold (closed) over past 30 days: 257 (250) (335)
Average days on market, sold units: 94 (100) (121)
Ratio, closing (sales) price to original (list) price: 94% (94%) (91%)

Number of properties going under agreement, last 30 days: 256 (262) (N/A)
Average days on market: 108 (101) (N/A)

Total Market Volume (Velocity): $124,693,567 ($121,820,067) (N/A)
(Velocity is the # of units sold during last 30 days multiplied by the $ amount)

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Based on information provided to and compiled by MLS Property Information Network, Inc. covering the period 10/23/2007 through 11/23/2007, and the period 10/23/2006 through 11/23/2006.

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