Okay, you’re excited about the new Boston Seaport condominium that you have Under Agreement. The closing on your Boston Seaport condo is just weeks way along with your moving day. But, you need to set up a plan for your moving day.

What do you do with all this stuff you accumulated throughout the years? How are we going to move it all? Change of address cards? ALL of these things come into play, and quite frankly, it can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve moved several times in my life, be they between Boston condos and even cities. And while I have not moved in many years, I can still remember the stress like it happened yesterday. 

Your Moving Check List

It’s a big deal selling a Boston downtown condo, and it’s no small matter to prepare to move. At Ford Realty Inc., we know that moving takes time and energy, but there are ways to make it go as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips as you anticipate and prepare for your move into your Boston Seaport District condo. Keep in mind, if you are doing a corporate relocation, the actual packing may not be a worry as the moving company will do that for you! I know what that is like…and it’s sweet!

30 to 15 Days Before Moving

  • Sell or give anything away you won’t move into your Boston Seaport District condo. Maybe plan a sale, or donate items to charity.
  • Call several movers for estimates.
  • Consider insurance on movables.
  • Gather and store dental, medical and pet’s veterinary records.
  • Start alerting friends and companies that mail to you.
  • Contact children’s school and have transcripts forwarded to new school.
  • Go online and complete a change of address with the USPS.
  • For tax purposes (if you qualify for moving deductions), keep a record of all moving expenses and keep receipts of any items you donate to charity.
  • Arrange for disconnection of utilities and re-connection at new location.
  • Check to see if you need to reserve an elevator for the Boston Seaport condo that you’re moving into

14 Days Before Moving

  • Pack one room at a time and label all boxes as to what’s in them and the room in your new Boston condo they should go to. Label furniture as to the room it should go to. (Unless you are doing a corporate move or have hired a moving company. And if you are paying movers, you may have to pack, and they just load and unload, so this timetable could be changed!)
  • Make sure you return items you’ve borrowed from library and friends.
  • Resign memberships to clubs.
  • Arrange the cancellation of newspaper and other home deliveries.
  • Ask bank to release safe deposit box and transfer account to new bank.
  • Arrange for cash, traveler’s checks, or certified checks. (Movers usually require cash or certified check.)

Day Before Moving

  • Pack a suitcase you can live out of, if necessary, for the first few days at your new home.
  • Empty and defrost refrigerator and freezer and let them air dry for a day. Deodorize large appliances with baking soda or coffee.
  • Remember to leave the keys (and remote controls, such as for the garage) to your old Boston downtown condo with your real estate agent.
  • Label your most important boxes, so you know what to open first.

Moving Day to Your Boston Seaport District Condo

  • Make sure mover is properly informed of your new address.
  • Make sure you have payment ready before van is unloaded at new address.
  • Confirm arrival date and time.
  • Before you leave, check every room, closets and the attic a final time.
  • Check locks on doors and windows.

Hopefully this list will help you get through all the details and stress of moving! Please know, we are here to help you with any of the “moving parts” (no pun intended!) and get you to your new home, or out of the home we helped sell for you!

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