Boston’s Seaport District comprises approximately 1,000 acres of mixed-use residential, commercial and industrial space, which fosters innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Development in the area is occurring fast. Projects that have been completed, proposed, or approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority add 10 million square feet of development. Long-term forecasts for the area estimate that an additional 21 million square feet of development will be constructed in the Seaport District by 2030.

How to address the Seaport congestion problem

But here’s the problem. Entering and exiting the Seaport District is  nightmare especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

Seaport District MIT Report

The Seaport District needs multi-modal transportation access to accommodate future growth of new Seaport high rise condos and other economic development. The scholars at MIT drafted a report to address this issue. Read Here