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Who makes all the money in Massachusetts?

Forbes is out with its annual list of billionaires, and Massachusetts is well represented with 13 men and one woman making the list.

Bay State billionaires

42. Abigail Johnson-$13.0-Fidelity
97. Edward Johnson III-$7.5-Fidelity
336. Amos Hostetter Jr.-$2.7-Cable television
432. John Abele-$2.2-Boston Scientific
488. Jim Davis and family-$2.0-New Balance
538. Peter Nicholas-$1.9-Boston Scientific
664. Amar Bose-$1.5-Bose
754. Richard Egan-$1.3-EMC Corp.
754. Thomas Flatley-$1.3-Real estate (apartments)
754. Robert Kraft-$1.3-Business (and Patriots)
840. Edward Linde-$1.1-Real estate (Boston Properties – i.e., Mort Zuckerman’s company)
840. John P. Manning-$1.1-Real estate (and wind turbine advocate)
891. Paul Fireman-$1.0-Reebok
891. Stephen Karp-$1.0-Real estate (malls)

Forbes ranks world’s richest and richest in Mass. – by way of The Boston Globe

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Updated:  1st Q 2018

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