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Have you ever spent a Sunday afternoon walking the Boston waterfront?

I have. It’s a mildly interesting walk. You start out in the Charlestown Navy Yard, then over the bridge into the North End, into the Financial District, down to the Fort Point Channel area, then further south through South Boston and then on toward Dorchester.

Along the way you’ll pass some historic buildings, some great architecture, and one or two other people. You’ll constantly have to redirect yourselves, because there are barriers, man-made and otherwise, along the way.

Apparently, not everyone thinks the Boston waterfront is exciting enough.

From Banker & Tradesman:

After making the list of best cities for health and lifestyle, singles, telecommuting and even having a baby, Boston has been named to the “Hall of Shame” for those with the world’s worst waterfront development. “There are no must-see waterfront destinations in Boston, ” said Frederick Kent, president of the Project for Public Spaces, a New York-based nonprofit group dedicated to creating and sustaining public places that posted the list on its Web site. “Boston has so many opportunities to get to the water from Beacon Hill, City Hall and Faneuil Hall, but there’s nothing to do there.”

Have you ever been down there? I mean, beyond visiting the Aquarium, or going to Tia’s?

I have to agree, there’s not much to do in the area (although you could argue the point, does it make a difference?).

Some in Boston take offense to the list.

Richard McGuinness, the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s deputy director for waterfront planning, said the description of Boston as one of the world’s worst waterfront cities appears to be written by someone who had a bad experience int he Hub. he disagreed that developers are reluctant to provide the public access.

” … Boston Harbor’s renaissance is based on the mayor’s directive to make the waterfront accessible to everyone in the city. I like to say that you don’t have to drive to the Cape – you can do most things that you can do on the Cape in Boston Harbor.”

Wait, what???

“I like to say that you don’t have to drive to the Cape – you can do most things that you can do on the Cape in Boston Harbor.”

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