Need some advice as to whether or not you should buy now, or wait?

Here you go.

Until recently, home buyers bought not with an eye to a quick profit but in order to gain control over the place where they lived. As a homeowner, you don’t need the landlord’s permission to make modifications to the property to suit your needs. You aren’t at the mercy of a landlord who might raise the rent or ask you to move …

The tax benefits of home ownership shouldn’t be overlooked. While restrictions do apply, homeowners can claim a deduction for mortgage interest and property taxes from their federal income tax returns. This effectively lowers the cost of home ownership for taxpayers who itemize deductions …

There are several other good reasons why this could be a good time to buy. One is that there is, in general, less competition from other buyers than there was a year ago. It’s now possible to negotiate with sellers if the list price seems out of line …

Another factor in your favor is that interest rates have recently eased and are still at historically low levels …

My take? It’s always a good time to buy. Settle down. Build some equity. C’mon!

Complete story: Home seekers’ big dilemma: buy now or wait? – By Dyan Hymer, Inman News, by way of The Boston Globe

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