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This is a situation where having a real estate agent (a buyer’s agent), and a lawyer, might have helped, a lot.

Man buys home. Neighbor stops by, says hello, and then informs buyer that his driveway is on the neighbor’s property. Man is furious. Hilarity does not insue.

I recently bought a property in an all-cash transaction, with no lender involved.

When I recently attempted to erect a fence on what appeared to be the property line, my new neighbor informed me that the line wasn’t where I thought it was.

He presented me with a letter that the person who sold me the house had written in 1995.

The letter acknowledged that a portion of my home’s driveway was on the neighbor’s land.

The previous owner also wrote that he would never claim this strip of land as his own.

Net result: I lose half of my new home’s driveway.

I wouldn’t have bought this place had I been aware of the significant discrepancy between the lot’s apparent boundaries and what a survey showed the actual boundaries are.

While I doubt the Realtor knew about this problem, I think the seller intentionally deceived me.

What recourse, if any, do I have now?

You can probably guess the answer.

Complete article: Neighbor drawing the line – By Nena Groskind, The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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