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Buying and selling a Boston condo at the same time

The real estate market is higher than ever price-wise and buyers are begging for inventory!

Many homeowners want to take advantage of this opportunity but are worried about where they’ll go next. It’s a tough Boston real estate market, but this shouldn’t discourage you from selling your home for the highest price ever – AND we can help! Here are a few solutions:

1. Longer escrow. Gives you time to secure your next home.

2. Rent back. In the past six months, we have arranged rent backs of 3-6 months for our sellers!

3. Sell your home contingent upon buying. We can lock your home’s buyer and price, and then go shopping!

4. Move in with relatives for a bit. Nothing like some quality family time!

5. Buy your next home first – using a Compass bridge loan. Go for maximum convenience!

6. Find a short-term rental in the area. Spending the summer in a beach house doesn’t sound that bad.

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It is not unusual to sell a Boston downtown condo and buy another and end up closing on both on the same day while moving out of one and into another. It happens all the time and it usually works out. It can get really complicated if the home you are selling is being purchased by someone who is also selling their home.

Possession is generally written into the contract and it is best if the new owners get possession immediately after the closing but that isn’t always possible. It is especially important that parties communicate with each other and work out compromises. It is also a good idea to avoid using phrases like “you must” or ” I have to have”.

There really is no “must”. Both parties need to agree.

Buying and selling a Boston condo at the same time

Having said that, if you currently own a Boston Beacon Hill condo and you want to sell your current home and buy a new downtown Boston high rise condominium, what is your best strategy for the transition? Sell first and buy? Or buy first and sell? There is really no answer to a point where I can generalize which is usually better for anyone. It really depends on this question below.

How quickly will your current Boston condo sell?

Depending on how quickly your current Boston condo will sell, you can move forward more quickly with your offer to buy a home. 

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