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Curious as I was about sales during the past two months, I pulled the following data from the Listings Information Network, Inc. (LINK).

As you can see, activity is off around 25% compared to last year, while average and median prices and average price per square foot have increased, as well, but median is off when compared to 2006.

Sold Statistics, 2008

Closings: 346
Avg. $: $987,044
Median $: $469,750
Avg. $/SF: $644

Closings: 318 (w/out Mandarin Oriental or Battery Wharf)
Avg. $: $654,876
Median $: $448,000
Avg. $/SF: $564

Sold Statistics, 2007

Closings: 459
Avg. $: $664,675
Median $: $442,225
Avg. $/SF: $565

Sold Statistics, 2006

Closings: 473
Avg. $: $659,515
Median $: $490,000
Avg. $/SF: $603

2008 results are subject to change, since the LINK data is entered manually and is pulled from third-party sources, including real estate agents and the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds. Number of sales will go up, but average and median prices are probably pretty close to what really happened.

Neighborhoods included: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Charlestown, Chinatown, Fenway, Financial District, Leather, Midtown, North End, Seaport, South Boston, South End, Theater District, Waterfront, and West End.

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