A brand new day.

CharlieCards will be distributed, beginning tomorrow.

CharlieCards are durable cards that can be used and re-used at most subway stations and on most buses.

The CharlieCard will be given to you with no value on it. You go to a subway station (but, of course, not Copley Square, since it’s not built yet) and add value, by cash or credit card (no minimum purchase …).

When you go to a turnstile, at the subway or on a bus, you tap or wave (I dunno) the card against the reader, and gain access.

All those people who complained about how buses loaded more slowly using CharlieTickets will have to stop complaining and find something else to complain now.

The cards will be given away for free.

Charlie Tickets will continue to be available, at subway stations, for single-fare (and multiple-fare) purchases, but the Tickets cost more.

If you receive your monthly pass from your employer, you will receive a new CharlieCard, mid-month.

Let the sour-grape whining and complaining begin!

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