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Mayor Marty Walsh’s new economic director, John Barros, says he favors later night hours for Hub businesses, i.e. bars and restaurants.

Barros, who we believe is or was a part owner of a restaurant, seems to understand that the city’s old closing hours are just too, well, old fashioned, with many establishments giving last call around 12:30 a.m.

The general plan, which we assume is backed by Walsh, has no details yet.

But assuming it runs into opposition, let’s put forth a few compromise suggestions:

1.) At the least, extend hours on weekends to about 3 a.m., or maybe Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

2.) Target specific neighborhoods with, ideally, a minimal residential component, although some high-profile neighborhoods with a heavy residential tilt, such as the Back Bay, will have to put up with later hours.

3.) Definitely apply the new hours to hotels.

File under: Cheers!

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Updated: December 201

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