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We can call them the Church Lofts. Or, Stadtzentrum Condos (Stadtzentrum some sort of German word for Midtown).

The First Church of Christ, Scientist has announced plans to reorganize their land holdings in Boston. The church owns a big spot of land (satellite photo, here) where the Back Bay meets the South End and the Fenway, most of it open space.

Of the buildings they own, one is the Mother Church, one is a high-rise (to be emptied out of office workers, very soon), and one is the Midtown Hotel, which by any other name is a motel. Or motor inn.

What would happen in a perfect world? The Midtown Hotel would be torn down, replaced by condominiums buildings between 6 and 10 stories (sorry, St Botolph Street!). The other side of the street would also be turned into condominium buildings, with rear units facing the beautiful reflecting pool. More greenery would be added, over some of the wretched brick, and the area made into a more inviting walkway, enjoyed by more people, every day.

Or, just left as is, which is far more likely.

More: Church looking to redevelop – By Thomas J. Palmer, Jr., The Boston Globe

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Updated: January 2018

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