Several candidates for the four at-large Boston City Council positions have come out in favor of letting “protected classes” appeal rent increases over 5%, per year.  Anyone could appeal a rent increase of more than 10%.

On rent stabilization, even candidates Patricia White and John Connolly, who are perceived as moderates in the race, have come out in favor. White, who has received thousands of dollars in contributions from developers, is supporting rent stabilization, even though the real estate industry strongly opposes it.

The proposal, which was defeated a year ago on a 5-8 vote, would allow elderly, disabled, or low-income tenants to appeal rent increases of more than 5 percent to a city board. Others could contest increases of more than 10 percent.

Vote may reshape council policies, Andrea Estes, The Boston Globe

My fear, and I think it’s well-grounded, is that this would be just the first of many steps to bring rent control back to the city.  Commonwealth citizens voted against rent control in any form, several years ago.  The city’s leaders shouldn’t mess with that.

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Updated: January 2018