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According to the Globe, the city is backing away from supporting plans to turn a (half-used) industrial building on the Blackfan Pier into office space. The plan was to converting the building, using the proceeds to pay for an upgrade to the cruise facilities.

[T]he city objects to Cargo Venture’s plan to turn the 800,000-square-foot Bronstein Center into office space.

“Our obligation for the city is to maintain the maritime-related principal uses that ought to exist there,” said John Palmieri, the BRA’s director. “Industrial and obviously blue-collar jobs.”

The Bronstein Center makes up half of a hulking former Army building that also houses the Design Center, a wholesale home furnishings mart. And the Bronstein Center itself is half vacant.

Cargo Ventures would not comment, but others say the seven-story space is unsuitable for industrial users, who prefer ground-level space. … “Our argument was there weren’t blue-collar jobs to protect, and don’t insist on a use for which there is no demand.”

I have been out there on two or three occasions when I’ve taken cruises (la-di-da) and I agree, the area needs to be improved, if we want to encourage more cruises to stop in Boston.

Sounded as if it was a win-win, but suddenly the city (the Mayor?) got scared.

Dude’s got an election coming up, have to be job-friendly, right? Oh, well, “blue-collar” job friendly.

Source: Cruise terminal plan runs aground; City opposes turning warehouse building into offices – By Thomas C. Palmer Jr., The Boston Globe

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