Boston condos

Boston condos

From the Patriot Ledger:

Massachusetts home buyers may have seen home prices rise in the last year, but the fees attached to getting a home loan have dropped ever so slightly.

Among the states, Massachusetts fell from 14th to 41st in home closing costs this year, and it was one of the only states to see a decrease, according to

The average costs of closing a $200,000 mortgage on a single-family home with a 20 percent down payment dropped from $2,317 to $2,300 in 2013. The figures were calculated by surveying 10 Massachusetts mortgage lenders from the Boston area.

By comparison, average national mortgage closing costs rose by an average of 6 percent in the same period. The largest part of this increase came from a rise in origination costs, which rose 8.4 percent.

Hawaii topped the list with average mortgage origination fees of $2,919, over $600 higher than in Massachusetts.

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Boston condos

Boston condos for sale


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Updated: January 2018

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