Do we need a national MLS system? Compass owner Robert Reffkin is calling for a national MLS system according to Inman news.

The CEO of Compass stated there shouldn’t be hundreds of MLS’s, but a single one.

His argument is more and more consumers are going to Zillow or, so for that reason we need to build a single national MLS system. (All these local MLS’s must be driving up large firms operating costs).

Not only did CEO of Compass call for a single MLS, but he’s also calling for a single mobile search platform.

Here’s my Boston Real Estate Idea

How about this, how about a single national real estate brokerage firm too? Why do we need so many brokerages?  Let’s fold up Compass and add them to the new national brokerage company. Let’s call the new national real estate firm Zillow. Better yet, let’s call it Ford Realty Inc.

When are fewer competitors and less choice ever lead to a better experience for the customer?

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