Consumer report has released some interesting findings on trends in the real estate marketplace. The report is showing that the real estate downturn has been second guessing seller decisions on going the FSBO route. An increasing number of sellers are finding it more beneficial to hire a real estate agent to assist in selling real estate.

On the same token, real estate agents are also finding these times difficult in the current market. More real estate agents have considered cutting deals with sellers to gain their business. Instead of taking in the full real estate agent commission, their negotiating the agent fees with sellers. Projo.com provides more detail on this…

“Last year, a Consumer Reports readers survey found that just over 80 percent of home sellers used the services of a real estate agent, about 17 percent tried to sell on their own, and just 1 percent used a Web site.

The Consumer Reports survey also found that “many real-estate brokers are willing to cut a deal on their commissions, and readers who successfully negotiated for a lower commission, often cutting the traditional 6 percent to 3 or 4 percent, tended to be just as satisfied with the result as those who paid the full fare.”

Source: Fewer sellers going the ‘do-it-yourself’ route – By Christine Dunn, Journal Staff Writer, Projo.com