It’s the stuff of Hollywood comedies.

(Um, yeah, it actually is – it’s called The Break-Up, opening Friday, at a theater near you.)

Couple falls in love (or like), decide to move in together, relationship doesn’t work out, so they break up, then, for various reasons … end up continuing to live together.

Sometimes the couple end up getting along better, now that s*x is no longer a part of the relationship.

Most of the time, it ends up being a nightmare (most likely, I assume, because the break-up was due to one of the couple, causing resentment and guilt, all around).

The New York Daily News ran a story about it, over the weekend.

I love this couple, the best (sorry to the NYDN for cutting & pasting so much):

When Jill B.’s lease expired in 2004, she and her boyfriend of a year moved in together. But after he failed to propose during the mutually agreed upon date of summer 2005 and then again on her 30th birthday in December, she called him on it and discovered his intentions weren’t as serious as hers.

They spent most of January avoiding the issue, until Jill found out that her boyfriend had, in fact, bought her a ring but never picked it up from the store. At that point, she began looking for an apartment.

But finding a place that matched both the price she paid for her West Village one-bedroom – half of the $1,800 monthly rent – and the amenities it offered, including a dishwasher and working fireplace, was proving impossible.

So while she searched, Jill took the bedroom and her 29-year-old ex-boyfriend camped out on an air mattress in the living room.

“It was separate quarters for three weeks,” she says from the three-bedroom Chelsea apartment share she found on Craigslist and moved into in April. “I would try to be busy more because it was depressing being at home. But it’s hard going out every night. Once we got comfortable with the arrangement, we would watch TV together. We even went out for dinner together on Valentine’s Day. You get used to it, and you start to be nice to each other.”

Okay, disfunctional?

Complete story: Moving On, But Not Out – By Lisa Maher, The New York Daily News

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