Boston Real Estate for Sale

Four developers submitted proposals for land to be built on top of the Massachusetts Turnpike, near the Berklee School of Music.

Trinity Financial proposes 750,000 square feet of housing, retail, and parking across several 14-story buildings.

Carpenter & Co. proposes a 200-room hotel and 405,000-square-foot office tower on two of the four parcels.

Weiner Ventures proposes a 74,000-square-foot office tower, retail, and 112 housing units, for a total of 960,000 square feet spread across three parcels.

Chiofaro Co. proposed a 25-30 story office building with ground-floor retail. His proposal is to build on just one of four parcels.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood has submitted its own proposal, for two three-decker homes with no parking, across all four parcels.

– Source: Boston Redevelopment Authority

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