Day in and day out, millions of people browse internet real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and (hopefully mine). Looking at downtown Boston real estate and becomes a hobby for many, but some take it a step further and consider a career change into the Boston real estate industry.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with transitioning into this career field if you fully understand what you are signing yourself up for and come prepared to work hard. With that said, here are some raw truths to consider before starting your career as a Boston real estate agent.

1.Boston real estate agents are self-employed

First, consider that as a real estate agent, you will no longer be able to approach your job like an employee in almost any other industry. This is a business for the self-starters, and that brings along a set of responsibilities that will shift from the boss in your previous career to now being all on you.

This is one of the toughest mindset shifts people don’t realize they must make in order to survive and thrive in the Boston real estate industry

2. Boston real estate mindset

Next, if you can get through that and have the determination to tackle that mindset shift, you then need to make sure you are ready financially. Many people decide to attempt a career as a Boston real estate agent in hopes of large commission checks and lack the financial background to realize the reality of consistently inconsistent checks that agents work hard for in the early years of the career as they grow a more stable business.

3. Keeping up with real estate technology

Finally, consider that in order to make this career change successful, you will need to constantly adjust and change with the Boston real estate market, technology and society shift on a dime. Change is natural in life and in business, but the downside is we as people tend to naturally fight against change when we lack the comforts of our routines and the control that comes with having those routines.

Downtown Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line 

This isn’t to tell you the career is not right for you or to scare the hopeful out of even starting. This is to help future Boston real estate agents think and understand the reality of what media portrayals and some so-called experts don’t want to tell you before sinking your money, time, and hopes and dreams into a career that, if approached with the right preparation, can give you so much and has changed many lives (my own included) for the better. The better prepared you are, the better the chances that you will become one of those people who makes that change and turns a goal into a flourishing career.

Now I know this wasn’t one of my better real estate sales pitches, but with that said if you have a real estate license and are looking for a change, email me at