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Seems like everyone is asking that question, these days.

A local blogger adds his/her two cents, below.

Does Boston Need a Middle Class?

What of the middle class in Boston? If we follow the local and nationwide trends, we could well have a tiny portion of middle-income families, individuals and neighborhoods. The middle-income folk would go to the suburbs and exurbs, leaving rich and poor.

For the benefit of all three major economic groups, we should care, both in individual terms and as public policy and legislative agenda. As Bostonians, we need be aware of what’s at stake from a city of only extremes.

In this era, we may lose sight of such cascading effects. After all, from realty to petro products to medical care to food, real or quasi monopolies, oligopolies and informal cartels control prices of what we buy. Yet, we hear from government and TV that market forces are offering us choice and keeping profits to a minimum while providing profit incentive.

We cannot afford to accept the fantasies of the laissez-faire conservatives.

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Updated: January 2018

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