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Obedience and the GPS Girlfriend.

Last weekend. Mona and I were driving up to New Hampshire. The Garmin (aka the GPS) gave us a route to Portsmouth, NH, but I had a hunch it was mistaken.

As I turned left instead of right, I heard her voice hectoring me (not Mona, but the GPS), beseeching me to go right. Her voice wouldn’t shut up and every few seconds it would tell me: John, turn around – NOW!

And I confess, I felt terrible. I was disobeying. Not following her instructions. Of the…err… GPS.

As I disobeyed the GPS, I was getting concerned. Did I come to a point in my life where I felt uncomfortable disobeying a 3-inch by 4-inch touchscreen? OMG! Do you think I’ve been brainwashed by an electronic instrument? No, No I tell you – It’s actually okay (in fact, quite possibly productive) to call out the Garmins, the (female) bosses and the influencers in your life, and ignore them all you like.

(Guys, tell me how this works out for you. So far for me…never mind…)

This is what women and GPS don’t understand: Getting lost can be a fun adventure in itself. BTW, I’m really good at doing that.

Tomorrow, my parents are coming up from NY to visit me and we’re going take a three day trip to Portland, Maine. You know what’s not coming with me – Mona, my human GPS . What I meant so to say was: My electronic GPS.

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