Well, we moved our clocks up one hour today, so it appears that the 2018 spring market is almost here. For anyone who is considering selling their Boston condo in 2018, I’m are going to dive into a list of tips that you should consider before you list your home for sale

One of the first things you should do is attend Sunday open house and view homes for sale in your neighborhood to give you a rough idea of the sales price you may anticipate for your home. Many Bostonian’s are shocked at the value of their condos thanks to high demand and low inventory levels.

Here my suggestions for you:

  • Its common for people to begin to consider selling long in advance of actually listing their condo for sale. If you’re considering selling, it doesn’t hurt to start familiarizing yourself with the process by doing research. That being said, don’t put your home on the market until you are 100% ready and committed to selling. Take your time to get prepared.
  • With that said, some people don’t have a choice. Selling their condo is a necessity because they’ve already purchased another home, are being relocated to work in a new area and sometimes dramatic life-changing events. I’ve seen a number of Boston condo owners looking to sell because they are relocating to another city. Sometimes selling your condominium isn’t so black and white. Sometimes you sell as a part of a growing family or an investment opportunity. Maybe you want to liquidate your assets and move your investments around. Either way, you don’t want to sell your home without making sure you are ready and have discussed all the options.
  • Determining the best listing price for your Boston condo can be a stressful part of the selling process. Since we tend to grow emotional attachments, everyone believes that the home they have lived in is worth more than it really is. However, any good realtor will tell you that it is not the seller who determines the price of the home, it is the market. To get a better idea of what your home would be valued at, research what price homes in your surrounding neighborhood have been sold for.

    If you list your property earlier in the spring season, you will experience more buyers searching for a home. Since the demand to purchase would be so high, you would have the option to test a few prices. If your first listing price doesn’t draw in buyers, you can decrease the amount and repeat this process until you have a sale. If you’re selling toward the end of the year, you would have less leverage to test the market since there are fewer buyers during later months. At this time, you should list your property at a value that similar homes are selling for so that your home isn’t overlooked by buyers for being overpriced.

    Boston Real estate agents assist in determining the best pricing point. Our expertise will guide you through the process and they will find other homes that you can compare yours to. After analyzing a few comparisons, the value of your home should be more clear. As long as you don’t let your emotional attachment get in the way of deciding a price, you will be all set and ready to sell your home.

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