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Downtown Boston Real Estate:  “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

It is a good thing that people still buy and sell Boston condos for sale even when it is cold out there like today. There are always people who want to sell their Beacon Hill condo and always some Boston Beacon Hill apartment renters who want to buy a home, even in the winter. As the temperatures drop here are some tips:

Here are some winter tips for Boston condo buyers:

1.  Leave some lights on when you know a Boston real estate broker is doing a showing

2.  Remove the snow and ice from the walk way.

3.  Place a walk off mat near the front door that is big enough for four pairs of shoes.  This small act of kindness will keep the Boston real estate agent and their clients feet dry because they won’t end up standing in a puddle and it will keep your floor dry and your home cleaner.

4.  If your home is vacant please have it winterized, that means that you have the water turned off so the pipes don’t freeze if the furnace/boiler quits.

5.  Turn up the heat in your downtown Boston condo for sale is a good thing, especially in the winter.  You want to make it look warm and inviting.   If you normally live like cave people with every blind drawn and every shade pulled consider making some changes so that your Boston condo for sale will sell quicker and so you will get more money for it.

6.  If your home is occupied and you have a bunch of burglar alarms and maybe some barbed wire and a guard dog consider easing up on the orange alert status.  (this has nothing to do with the weather . . I was on a roll)

Here are some tips for Boston condo buyers:

1.  Wear shoes or boots that are easy to slip on and off. I like to wear super thick socks.

2.  Go to the restroom before you begin Boston condo for sale hunting.  Homes that are winterized have no running water.  I wish . .  . . . oh don’t get me started.

3.  If you are interested in a Boston condo for sale that you saw in the dark please schedule an appointment to see it when it is light out before you make an offer.

4.  Most agents carry a flash light but it is a great idea to bring your own, your cell phone alone may not provide enough light.

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Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


“Baby It’s Cold Outside.”  I heard that ubiquitous song the other day and smiled because I live in a great downtown Boston real estate high rise.  The weather rarely matters to me anymore.  The heated indoor parking means my vehicle is warm and I never have to shovel or clear snow off it.  Anyone who has dealt with a brutal downtown Boston winter knows how daunting the task can be to start the day.

Like most high rises in Downtown Boston, my building features a 24-hour concierge service. I never have to worry about being home to receive packages or having them stolen off my doorstep. It’s a tremendous relief with the holiday gift-giving season rapidly approaching.  I also do plenty of online shopping of my own due to the pandemic. 

Close to downtown Boston real estate neighborhoods

If I need to leave my gorgeous high rise condo, I’m secure knowing that the building is constantly being cleaned and sanitized for my protection.  There is plenty in Downtown Crossing to make one want to be out and about.  The shopping is fantastic and the restaurant’s world-class.  All the conveniences of city living in a few blocks.  Department stores, drug stores, and large grocery stores are just minutes away from my door.  The green spaces of Boston Common and the Public Garden are in front of me and the beautiful Rose Kennedy Greenway behind me.  I’m minutes from public transportation, the North End, and Beacon Hill. 

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Whenever I feel lazy I can stay in and enjoy the great city views.  If I feel the need to exercise, I can safely do so in the fitness center which is constantly being cleaned and sanitized.  It’s the best of both worlds. Downtown Boston has plenty to offer whatever mood I am in.

Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


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